Batia Sarem Gallery is the culmination of a project developed by Lyvann Loeuk and Yves Zlotowski for three years. Three years of round-trips between France and Cambodia, three years of exciting discussions, as well as doubts and sleepless nights. It all began when we met in the Saint-Germain-des-Près neighbourhood, where our two galleries are located only a few metres away from each other. Friendship, a shared passion for Cambodia, the shock of discovering works by Cambodian contemporary artists resulted in this space, opened in December 2018 in the centre of Siem Reap.

The origins of the project

Why this gallery, why here and why now? First and foremost because of our fascination with today’s Cambodian artists. The first encounter was with «Mon Boulet», a work by Sareth Svay, exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and seen in 2015. A new discovery and something that just clicked. Indeed, an installation at once simple, strange, even brutal, which one guesses is from Cambodia but which, apart from its specific context, has an impact on any viewer. The sphere, which Sareth hauled along muddy streets, took us to Batia Sarem. Beforehand this led us to – very rare – exhibitions of Khmer artists in France. In Cambodia, we visited galleries and studios in Phnom Penh, Battambang and Siem Reap. Thus, we organised exhibitions in Paris showing work by Yim Maline, Nov Cheanick, Chat Piersath, Theanly Chov, Kim Hak and Sovan Philong.

A gallery set in the cultural and green city of Siem Reap

Batia Sarem was undoubtedly born out of these encounters and is intended as a home for the artworks. Indeed, the place has no other mission than to showcase the artists. Siem Reap seemed to us the ideal city for the project. Without a doubt, Collectors we met in Europe and Asia have visited Siem Reap and will return. In addition, alongside the magnificent heritage Temples of Angkor, contemporary Cambodian art is flourishing. Consequently, it seemed obvious to us that this work should be shown to the city’s many visitors. For us it seems essential to give them an opportunity to understand what these contemporary artists have to say. Siem Reap, a green city on a human scale, is still a peaceful place to live despite the mass tourism.

An ambitious program and a cultural gateway

We organise a demanding programme of exhibitions at Batia Sarem, but want it to be a welcoming place. Moreover, we have made it our mission to show only artists and works we like, which we would collect ourselves. At last, we want to apply the same standards we have applied in France. Not because we have any pretensions, but because we want to show the works under the best possible exhibition and conservation conditions. Finally we want to produce a catalogue for each exhibition, a vital factor in preserving the memory of the artists. Siem Reap is a gateway from where we can take the work to collectors in Asia, Europe or elsewhere, via art fairs, gallery or museum exhibitions. Nevertheless, we must not forget that this space will be open to Cambodians: to the artists of course, but also students, children, passers-by…

A tribute to two strong women

May Batia Sarem enjoy long-lasting success. The name pays homage to the memory of two women whose coming together is an embodiment of our gallery. Batia, Yves’s maternal grandmother, who escaped anti-Semitism in Poland – the horrors of which she never forgot – for Israel. Sarem, Lyvann’s paternal grandmother, a woman dedicated to the arts, a professor of classical ballet who perished in the genocide perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. Let their spirits watch over this space. Through them, most importantly, it is our parents we are thinking of by opening Batia Sarem.

Lyvann Loeuk and Yves Zlotowski

Yves Zlotowski

Before becoming a Gallery Owner, Yves had a career as an Economist, specialist in emerging countries. In particular, he was a Chief Economist for 7 years of the Coface group. Through his travels, he developed a passion for contemporary art in Southeast Asia and collects photography. Since 2015, he runs with his father Michel the Zlotowski Gallery that the latter founded in 1998. The Zlotowski Gallery is dedicated to modern art and has specialized, among other things, in the painted work of Le Corbusier. It is present at the most important art fairs in the world, especially at Fiac, ArtBasel or TEFAF.

Lyvann Loeuk

After 3 years spent in the audiovisual sector in one of the TF1 group’s most important production companies, Lyvann took over in 2002 the Artistic Direction of Galerie Lee, a gallery founded in 1995 by his father Lysath Loeuk. Together and from their Khmer origins, they decided to focus their programming on the contemporary Cambodian artistic scene. The latter is currently in full expansion but still little represented in France. Galerie Lee exhibited drawings by Yim Maline in April 2017, paintings by Theanly Chov in October 2017. Both are major artists of this new Cambodian wave as is photographer Sovan Philong, presented in May 2018.

B A T I A  S A R E M  G A L L E R Y  |  Bamboo Street, Wat Damnak, Sala Kamreuk  |  Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

Contemporary Art Gallery Cambodia
Batia Sarem sets up various temporary exhibitions a year with Khmer artists among the most recognized on the international scene.